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Terms & Conditions

Hoghton Tower has a non-refundable policy on all of our tickets.


The site opening times for events will be stipulated on each specific event.


If an event we are selling tickets for through DigiTickets is not an event run by Hoghton Tower ourselves, we will ensure to make the terms and conditions, and the health and safety policies of the event host explicitly clear and available for each visitor to view.


No dogs are allowed beyond the gates of the Tower at any of our events, except for guide dogs.


If our event is cancelled due to our own circumstances, we will refund all ticketholders.


Please be prepared to have your bag searched at some of our larger events.


We reserve the right to change the prices of event entries and tickets in the future for a similar event.


If details of any event are changed after tickets have been purchased, all ticketholders will be notified of changes and will be refunded if the change of details makes it so that the person cannot attend. 



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