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Terms & Conditions


General Terms and Conditions

Admission to Hoghton Tower indicates agreement with the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") shall cover all bookings, ticket sales and admissions to Hoghton Tower and its grounds and made between:

(1) the Board of Trustees of the Hoghton Tower Preservation Trust, Hoghton Tower ("Hoghton Tower"); and

(2) the “Visitor”.

·         Hoghton Tower reserves the right to change any of its opening hours, events or offers or to restrict access to all or part of the site at any time without notice. You are strongly advised to check the relevant details on www.hoghtontower.co.uk before visiting.

Admission and Access

·         Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable. Any refunds given are solely at the discretion of Hoghton Tower and will not include third party booking fees


·         Tickets are personal to the purchaser (and to members of their party) and cannot be resold for commercial gain or in excess of their face value.


·         All prices are correct at the time of publication. However, they are subject to change without prior notice.


·         It is your responsibility to check your ticket details are correct at the time of issue and to contact Hoghton Tower immediately if there is a problem.


·         It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive at the time stated. Late entry cannot be guaranteed, and no refund will be due if late entry can not be accommodated.


·         Hoghton Tower reserves the right to ask for proof of eligibility for concessions at the access points for the event or tour entry.


·         For the purposes of ticket prices, a child is defined as being under 16. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst on the premises.


·        For the house and gardens only, one carer is admitted free of charge with a disabled person (upon proof of entitlement) but please call ahead to register this. 


·         Dogs and other animals are not permitted within the walls of the gatehouse or in the gardens. Dogs are permitted within the external areas of the Great Barn but they must remain on a lead at all times. For safety reasons, at certain events, no animals will be permitted (please see event specific Terms and Conditions).


·         If you have any access requirements, please refer to our Access Statement which can be found on our website.


·         Your personal belongings, your vehicle and its contents are left at the property entirely at your own risk. We do not accept any liability for any damage or loss or injury to you or any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves or our employees or contractors whilst acting in the course of employment.


·         Cycling is not permitted inside the Main Gatehouse.


·         Pushchairs and prams are not permitted on the house tour. We can offer a place to leave the pushchair/pram but visitors must be aware that we take no responsibility for security of these items. Any large bags left with the pushchair / pram will be subject to a search.


·         Hoghton Tower reserves the right to close or restrict access to any area they deem necessary.


·         Hoghton Tower reserves the right to amend an event programme at any time they deem necessary.

Event Cancellation

·         If the event is cancelled for any reason:

o   Cancellation notices will be placed on the Hoghton Tower website (www.hoghtontower.co.uk), Facebook and Twitter accounts.


o   An email will be sent to the email registered during the booking process.


·         If we cancel an event prior to the commencement of that event, then a full refund of the ticket price paid will be due, save for any third party booking fees. We accept no liability for any fees or expenses beyond the ticket price paid. If the event has begun, then no refund will be due.

Safety and Security

·         No visitor is permitted to bring any alcohol, illegal substances or weapons onto the premises. For the safety and security of all persons on the premises, we reserve the right to search bags or other items, as determined by us at our discretion. Anyone found in possession of such items will be refused entry with no refund. We take these matters very seriously and where appropriate may call or report the incident to the police.

·         We reserve the right to refuse entry of any person who is believed to be overly intoxicated. No refund will be given in these circumstances.

·         At Hoghton Tower we will not tolerate any form of violence, threatening behaviour or language towards Hoghton Tower staff, volunteers or other representatives. Any such behaviour will be reported to the duty manager who will take appropriate action including but not limited to asking the visitor to leave the premises with immediate effect or reporting the incident to the police.

·         We reserve the right to ask any customer behaving in a way that we deem anti-social or inappropriate to leave the premises with immediate effect, with no refund.

·         Hoghton Tower may hold you liable for any damage caused by you to the property or any of its contents or for any injury caused to any of our representatives or other visitors during your visit.

·         Hoghton Tower accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal property during your visit.

·         On entering Hoghton Tower, visitors accept that CCTV monitoring takes place on the premises. This is for the protection of staff, volunteers, visitors and property and for the purposes of preventing or detecting crime.

·         For your safety and in case of emergency, please follow all instructions given by representatives of Hoghton Tower eg. your guide.

·         Hoghton Tower is a Grade 1 listed building. Due to the historic nature of the Tower, both internally and externally, there are several different floor surfaces, many of which are uneven, with changes in level. We expect visitors to be vigilant, knowledge these and take reasonable care in negotiating them during their visit.


·         At times, we and those authorised by us may take photographs and/or video recordings of events taking place at Hoghton Tower, including the car parks and surrounding areas which may feature visitors. By accepting these Terms, you agree that Hoghton Tower or any authorised third party may use such images in perpetuity for any promotional, publicity or editorial material. This may be printed or digital, including, but not limited to, use on our website or social media. You further agree that all copyright and any other intellectual property rights that subsist in or arise out of these materials shall be absolutely owned by us or such authorised third party (subject to our agreement) as the case may be.

·         Photography of the external areas of the house and gardens is allowed strictly for your personal, non-commercial use.

·         No photography is permitted inside the house whilst on a house tour.

·         Wedding / celebration / event / professional photography is not permitted anywhere on site unless prior written permission has been obtained or the wedding / celebration / event is being held at Hoghton Tower.

·         Filming and/or photography for public broadcast, commercial / professional purposes, training or student projects are strictly prohibited without our prior written agreement. For filming and photography enquiries please see our website (www.hoghtontower.co.uk ).

·         No drones are permitted, without prior written permission.


·         We are a no smoking venue and as such smoking, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes is not permitted anywhere within the house, courtyards, gardens and Great Barn.

·         Food and drink is not to be taken into the house.

·         BBQs are not permitted anywhere on the premises. Picnics are not permitted within the house or its gardens or the car park.

Limitation of Liability

·           Subject to the following clause, Hoghton Tower's total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise, arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of its obligations governed by these Terms and Conditions shall be limited to the Administration Fee and Any Activities Fees paid to Hoghton Tower by the Visitor in each case.


·           Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude Hoghton Tower's liability:


o   for death or personal injury caused by Hoghton Tower's negligence; or


o   under section 2(3) of the Consumer Protection Act 1987; or


o   for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or


o   for any matter which it would be illegal for Hoghton Tower to exclude or attempt to exclude its liability or which would otherwise be unenforceable.


·                Hoghton Tower shall under no circumstances be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss (including loss of anticipated profit or third party claims) howsoever arising either from breach or non-performance of any of its obligations in relation to these Terms and Conditions, even if Hoghton Tower has been advised of the possibility of such potential loss.


·           Hoghton Tower is not liable for any breaches or delays in the performance of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions arising from any event outside its control, including (but not limited to) fire, flood, storm, strike, lock out, electrical failure, Act of God, explosion, war, terrorist activity, epidemics, pandemics or acts of governmental or parliamentary authority. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of such circumstances arising, Hoghton Tower will not be liable to refund any amount paid by the Visitor particularly if any portion of this has been paid to a third party  including but not limited to ticketing platforms or payment processors.


·           These Terms and Conditions shall not be enforceable by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any person who is not a party to them.

·           These Terms and Conditions shall be construed solely in accordance with English law. Any disputes arising from these Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Hoghton Tower reserves right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice. Any changes will be posted on our website (www.hoghtontower.co.uk)

Privacy Policy

Our full privacy policy can be found on our website at www.hoghtontower.co.uk.

This contract will be governed by English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Contact Details: Hoghton Tower, Hoghton, Nr. Preston, Lancashire, PR5 0SH.

Email: mail@hoghtontower.co.uk

Registered Charity Number: 508357